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Martin Pick Photography Stock photography by Martin Pick at Alamy

Martin Pick Photography

Documenting the Sheffield Cutlery industry has been an ongoing project for the past four years.  As the thriving City changes develops and grows the work continues. 

Martin Pick

Martin Pick - Although on a much smaller scale the industry is healthy, the survivors are finding niche markets to exploit and are adopting new sales techniques (see the links page).  But, above all, the passion and enthusiasm to work metal by hand and secure a living by producing high quality durable products remains.  It is a pleasure to be able to work with these crafts people and record their activities.

If you are interested in the history of the industry I would recommend Geffrey Tweedales excellent book ‘The Sheffield Knife Book A History and Collectors’ Guide’ (ISBN 1874718113).  You should also visit the Kehlam Island Museum which is situated in the City and provides an excellent insight into the history of the trade, start by visiting:

If you are a collector of cutlery or flatware then visit one of the Cities specialist shops or buy on line.  Few things have better balance and poise than a good Sheffield blade.

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